Monday, February 7, 2011


I want to send out a personal congratulations to the Green Bay Packers.  Its hard to find a bad thing to say about about Green Bay and their fans.  Aaron Rodgers was outstanding and deserves all the recognition he is recieving today.  The biggest reason I am thankful to the Packers is for the win over Pittsburgh.  Call me a hater call me whatever you want but there is no town I can not stand more than the city of Pittsburgh.

My day started off with going to the grocery store in Columbus, OH and the entire store was littered with Pittsburgh jersey's, flags, balloons, cupcakes and cookies.  I may have to make a decision on rather to boycott Giant Eagles stores all together.  This is Columbus in the middle of the Buckeye state where we root for the Bengals or the Browns.  I dont give a crap about their Steelers or their annoying towels.  Let alone in my personal grocery store. Ridiculous!

Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow

Though I am pissed off at the grocery store, I have even more anger towards Pittsburgh, so screw Pittsburgh.  Ive been to your town several times and I would never donate a dollar to that town even if my car broke down next to Mellon Arena.  I dont care that your town was built on steel and factories no one cares.  Nor does anyone care about the three rivers that are forced to run through your town.  Screw you fat Lavance Fields whose three point basket knocked out my Xavier Musketeers in the NCAA tourney three years ago in Boston. Screw you Penguin fans who think they own Columbus, come into our town and try to overtake our restaurants and bars!

Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow

Finally screw you to the Pittsburgh Steelers and their annoying fans.  Did anyone ever tell you that you wave petty yellow flags around? No one is intimadated by a freakin towel.  Nor are we afraid of your urine and black uniforms.  Guess what Pittsburgh, professional sports did not start in Pittsburgh get over yourselves trust me I know it will be hard to do.  But its the Truth!  I went to bed smiling last night knowing there was nothing but silence coming from the town I can not stand!

Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow! Thank you Packers I am now officially a Cheese Head!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler dominated the headlines after Championship Sunday in the NFL.  Should we be surpised that Cutler who is known for his arrogance and me first mentality would some how steal the spotlight? Personally I am not one of those, never forget that Cutler forced his way out of Denver because he did not see eye to eye with new Head Coach Josh McDaniels.  I guess the suprising part for me is over 100 current and former NFL players went to Twitter to question the toughness of Jay Cutler.

I am not one to question someone's toughness especially in a sport such as the NFL.  These are modern day gladiators that often times play with torn muscles, broken body parts or severe bruising.  I have seen players limping all over the field, I have seen Phillip Rivers play and win at Indianapolis with a torn ACL, I have seen players play with clubs on their hand to protect a break. Jay Cutler has been on some awful teams at Vanderbilt where I am sure he took a pounding or two at the hands of Florida or LSU or Alabama.  Cutler has only missed one start and that was due to a concussion earlier in the season.  So I am not going to question Jay Cutler and how tough he is or is not.  But, I am going to question his desire to re-enter a game of the magnitude of the NFC Title Game. 

There was a disconnect from Cutler every time the camers showed him throughout the game.  Yes there were two times he was talking to back up Todd Collins.  But once Collins left the game Cutler was almost non existent on the sideline.  Cutler even spent a short time on the stationary bike which we heard after the game never happens if there is a possibility of a serious knee injury.  Jay Cutler has often been disliked by many of his teammates and at times been characterized as stand offish.  But why in a game of this magnitude would he not want to go out and least try for those guys who work their tails off for Cutler all season.  The only person that knows the answer is Cutler himself. 

Cutler has a history of being the guy at the front of the line when things are going very well.  But also the guy that does not want to take the blame or hides in the background when times get tough.  So which Jay Cutler shows up next year when the trek back to the NFL Title starts in late July?  For the time being Bear captains Brian Urlacher and Olin Kruetz seem to have their quarterbacks back.  But in the back of their mind do they know for sure that Cutler will have theirs?  As of Sunday in the biggest game for the Bears in three years Jay Cutler spent the last three quarters on the sidelines.  Only time will tell on the Jay Cutler knee injury debate!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It has been a while since my last post, I do apologize.  I will more than make it up to all of you with today's blog.  The New Year is right around the corner and that means one thing, All the people that are lying to themselves are about to hit the gyms on January 1.  I absolutely can not stand the first week after the New Year at the gym.  I walk in the door and every single machine is being used by some lady or guy that I have never seen before.  Folks you are lying to yourselves.  I am not a big New Years Resolution person to begin with let alone when it has to do with fitness.  Honestly if you were that committed to hitting the gym to lose that extra weight you have gained through the years, do you really have to make it right after January 1st?  No! If you were serious about the gym you could start on June 1st or August 1st or even December 1st.  Instead you clog up my gym on January 1st and you know the worst part about it as a regular you can point out the guy or girl that will not be here in two weeks.  You gym regulars know who I am talking about its the guy or girl or even worse a couple that walks in with their matching Under Armour gear head to toe.  C'mon man!  Yes, they certainly look the part but they are lying to themselves.  So not only did you spend money on the pass to the gym you also bought all this gear that will be collecting dust in a month.  Please, Please, Please save your money, invest in dinner for the lady or Krispy Kreme for your husband but do not I repeat do not waste it on a $50 gym membership that you will only get a week out of.   It drives all the regulars crazy when an hour work out takes 2 hours because the new guys have no idea what machine to use or where to go.  New Years Resolution fitness people please stop lying to yourselves its just not worth it at least spend a week jogging around the neighborhood before you decide to embark in a gym membership.  From all of us regulars please think about your decision before you spend our January clogging up the gym!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pinch Hits 11/29

TCU: Congratulations TCU! On Monday the Horned Frogs became the newest member of the Big East Conference. In one word "Brilliant". TCU is now an official member of BCS Conference, keep your laughs to yourself. We all know that the Big East is dreadful in Football especially this season with UCONN one win away from an automatic berth to either the Orange Bowl or Fiesta Bowl. But TCU did what it had to, they will no longer put themselves in the NON-AQ category with Boise State. TCU now assures itself that if they do finish in the Top 2 they will have a chance at the National Championship. The loser out of this is Boise State, the Broncos will go to the Moutain West Conference after this season but who will be left. Utah leaves for the Pac-10, BYU goes independent and in 2012 TCU goes to the Big East. What is left for the Broncos will be basically the WAC. The Broncos will be in the same situation they are in now for years to come. TCU made a great decision for their football program I wish we could same the same about Boise State.

NFL: Normally NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is very on top of things when it comes to suspensions but I think he dropped the ball with Andre Johnson and Courtland Finnegan. If you missed it what rock have you been under? These two went UFC on the field Sunday afternoon. Finnegan of the Titans chucked Andre Johnson of the Texans in the face and that led to pushing and shoving that extended to both helments being thrown off and punches thrown. Andre Johnson landed three haymakers on Finnegan when he was thrown to the ground. By not suspending these two players the NFL is setting a standard of fighting during games. The league has been known as a zero tolerance league yet a star receiver is involved in fist a cuffs and nothing is done but a fine. Should fans expect fights like these to continue to happen? I think the league is saying these situations are tolerable without suspension. This is a bad street that league is going down, hopefully it does not come back to bite them.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Braylon Edwards

Braylon Edwards the day has finally come for you to return to the Dawg Pound.  This Sunday the J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS come to Cleveland Browns Stadium with their arrogant wide reciever Braylon Edwards.  Trust me I bought my tickets before the season even started so I could get a front and center seat to watch my Brownies take out the Jets.  Anyone that is a Browns fan knows the story of Braylon coming to the Browns after the 2005 NFL Draft.  We selected him 3rd overall that year in order to bring in a down field threat on the outside.  What we failed to realize is Braylon is like any other loud mouthed diva like reciever in this league.  The guy that blames everybody else but himself for his problems on the field (yes I am also talking about Chad Ochocrapo as well).  Braylon had his mind made up from the time he came to Cleveland that he was never accepted by the Browns fans because he went to Michigan.  Let me tell you something Braylon NOBODY CARES WHERE U WENT TO COLLEGE! Even the uneducated can figure out that Saturday and Sunday are two different days.  Once your drafted as long as you help our favorite team no one cares where you played on Saturday.  Yes, I am a Buckeye fan but guess who went out and bought your jersey I DID (your welcome for my donations to your pocket)!  Do you realize our new QB Colt McCoy beat the Buckeyes in a last second comeback in the Fiesta Bowl? Does anyone in a Browns jersey care, NO.  So after Braylon decided this was a ridiculous statement he used the excuse that he came to the Browns with a New York attitude and it was not well accepted.  What does that even mean?  That he has a whole lot of money in his pocket, likes to dress well or drives a nice car.  That is half the NFL locker rooms.  So then Braylon takes pot shots at Cleveland, well that ship has sailed thanks to Joakim Noah of the Bulls in last year's NBA Playoffs.  Cleveland doesnt have this and Cleveland doesnt have that.  This may be true but really that's how you leave by mocking the city that paid for your jersey's, (enter Chris Carter C'MON Man)! 
Let me tell you something Braylon the real reaons the Browns fan's booed you mercifully before your exit last season was because YOU DROPPED EVERYTHING THAT WAS THROWN YOUR WAY! It feels so good when the truth comes out.  Could you please hold on to the ball for once that is all we were asking.  I promise you that no one in Cleveland cares what college you went to or what car you drive or if you have a New York attitude.  Though maybe we can describe New York attitude as beating up the fifth and smallest member of LeBron James entourgage outside a Cleveland Night Club.  That's showing the blue collar people of Cleveland how tough you really are! Now it makes sense to me. Or may be all we cared about was you holding onto the ball.  Yes, growing up in Ohio and going to Michigan does make you a traitor and it is a shame that Michigan has to raid Ohio for any talent (had to take a shot at Michigan).  But it doesn't matter what you did on Saturday when  1 o'clock rolls around on Sunday.  I know you have been busy tweeting this week about coming to Cleveland.  Trust me I got my popcorn ready for your grand New York entrance and I will not be suprised when you drop an important pass in the fourth quarter.  But then again drop passes are never your fault blame it on the fans!

Friday, October 29, 2010

College Football Week 9

#1 Oregon @ USC

This is the Super Bowl, BCS Title game and so much more for the Trojans.  USC knows it will not be going to a bowl game which makes this game all the more meaningful.  The Trojans are coming off a bye week and it could not have come at a better time with the high powered Oregon Ducks coming to the Coliseum.  Unfortunately for Matt Barkley not only are the Trojans on probation they have two losses or he would be right at the top of the list for the Heisman Trophy.  Barkley on the season has thrown for nearly 267 yards per game with 20 TDs and only 4 INT.  Barkley is by far the best pure pro style QB in a pro style offense in the country.  Obviously the weak part of this team is the defense as they have struggled all season.  Not only have the players struggled but I believe Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin has as well adjusting to the wide spread attacks in College Football compared to the NFL.  But never forget that Kiffin was one of the most respected coordinators in the NFL and he has two weeks to get his players ready for the running attack of the Ducks.  The Ducks on the road are a totally different team giving up nearly 24 points a game to only 11 at home.  Also, for as explosive as their offense may be they did punt 11 times on the road at Arizona State.

My Prediction:  If you have not noticed yet I like the Trojans in this game.  They are undervalued and forgetton this season because of the probation they are under.  The Trojans will have two weeks to prepare and the Coliseum will be rocking for the only time this season.  The Ducks will struggle to contain Barkley and the Trojans will use their surplus of running backs to maintain the football.  Trojans win their Bowl Game 48-41.

#5 Michigan State @ #18 Iowa

We all keep waiting for the Spartans to slip up like we all have come to expect. Could this finally be the week after slipping by Northwestern last week in Chicago?  The key to this game will be the Michigan State's offensive line vs the Iowa defensive line.  Iowa's defensive line is regarded as one of the best in the country and they performed very well last week vs the Badgers.  The Badgers have on the best lines in the country, while MSU does not.  MSU wants to run the ball with Baker and Bell, sprinkle in some timely play action pass with QB Kirk Cousins.  Iowa knows they can not lose again and still have hopes of a quality bowl game with OSU coming to town in a couple of weeks.

My Prediction:  I keep waiting for MSU to lose and I believe this will be the week Sparty does.  This will be back to back road games for the Spartans, with this one being a much tougher atmosphere than Northwestern.  Iowa is desperate they need this win to stay in the hunt in the Big Ten.  Look for the Iowa defensive line led by Clayborn to slow the MSU running attack,  Hawkeyes 24-21.

#6 Missouri @ #14 Nebraska

How will the Tigers handle success after knocking off #1 Oklahoma last week?  This has to be the question that Coach Pinkel must prepare his team for this week.  The Missouri Tigers are right in the hunt for a National Championship and this may be the last hurdle until the Big 12 Title Game.  Nebraska comes into the game controlling their own destiny to head back to the Big 12 title game this season.  The Cornhuskers bounced back last week scoing 51 points on Oklahoma State.  Taylor Martinez has re-established himself as the QB of the Huskers.  The key will be the Nebraska defensive secondary.  Missouri loves to spread the ball around with quick short passes similar to Texas and we all remember the Longhorns going to Lincoln and winning two weeks ago.

My Prediction:  This will be the first time all season that Mizzou has to bounce back emotionally for two consecutive weeks.  The Tigers walk into an extremely difficult situation in Lincoln.  The Huskers will be back in front of the home fans with a chance to position themselves for a shot at a Big 12 South Division Championsip.  I like the Huskers to prove they are one of the best teams in the country, Huskers 41-31.

Monday, October 25, 2010

2010-11 NBA Preview

I wanted to give my predicitions for the upcoming NBA season. This will be an interesting year in the Association.  The league is going to be dominated by 4 or 5 teams all year long.  The biggest storylines will come from the Lakers, Heat, Magic, Celtics and Thunder.  So here are my thoughts:

Eastern Conference:

Atlantic Division:

Boston:  This team continues to get older but is clearly built for the Playoffs.  They may have the best PG in the league Rajon Rondo.  The big three Garnett, Pierce and Allen will continue to lead this team in the right direction and to an Atlantic division title.

NY Knicks:  Well the summer of 2010 has come and gone and the best the Knicks could do in free agency was Amare Stoudemire.  I am sure Amare will love the New York attention for a while, but a more subtle acquasition was Raymond Felton.  He could be a perfect fit to run Coach Mike D'Antoni's up tempo style.
Philadelphia:  I am not convinced yet that Evan Turner is going to be a great pro, but this team is surrounded by great slasher forwards.  Thaddeus Young, Andre Iguodala, Jrue Holiday and Turner.  The loss of Samuel Dalembert will hurt them inside by then again NBA is not dominated by big men anymore.  Hopefully new coach Doug Collins can get some type of consistent effort by Elton Brand.
New Jersey:  The Nets bring in new coach Avery Johnson to the mix.  The Nets will rely heavily on Devon Harris to be a consistent scorer.  Inside Brook Lopez continues to develop in to a solid big man.
Toronto:  This team was always a mystery to the common fan and no more so than ever.  Their double-double machine Chris Bosh is in Miami and the Raptors will be stuck in the basement of the Eastern Conference all season.

Central Division:

Chicago:  The Bulls will be the beneficiaries of LeBron being out of Cleveland as they look to win the Central.  The Bulls have the best and most explosive PG Derrick Rose. The Bulls added Carlos Boozer whose a walking double-double.  Not to mention Deng, Noah, Brewer and Korver.  Now if they can just get some production off their bench.
Milwaukee:  Could the Bucks be poised to be last year's Thunder?  Brandon Jennings has got to be able to continue his production for a whole season.  His development at PG will be vitale for the Bucks.  The Bucks bring in Corey Maggette who has never had a problem scoring the ball.  The health of C Andrew Bogut could be the difference between a good season and a great season for the Bucks.
Detroit:  The Pistons still have the hold overs from the good Detroit teams with Tayshaun Prince, Rip Hamilton and Ben Wallace.  Not sure what they will get out of T-Mac this season.  Expect Ben Gordon to continue to deliver good and bad nights.
Cleveland:  What can I say?  We all know the talent went south maybe he will actually show up in the playoffs this time around.  This team will rely heavily on the veteran leadership of Antawn Jamison and Mo Williams.  I think this could be a breakout year for J.J. Hickson.
Indiana:  I could not be paid to watch this team every night.  They do have an elite scorer in Danny Granger.  They brought in an effective PG Darren Collison and for the Pacers sake they get a massive improvement from C Roy Hibbert.

Southeast Division:

Miami:  So the talent went south in Lebron James to be the Robin to Dwayne Wade.  They also add a constant double-double player in Chris Bosh.  The interior play is what I question with the Miami Heat.  Do they have the bigs to win a title?  Obviously they have enough talent to run through the regular season.

Orlando:  The Magic return all their key players from a season ago, Dwight Howard, Vince Carter, Rashard Lewis and Jameer Nelson among others.  This team will cost through the regular season.  As always this team is dependent on the 3 point shot and hopefully it comes through this season.
Atlanta:  The Hawks are deep and talented but the defense is what continues to hold them back.  Joe Johnson gets his max deal and they have plenty of scorers with Bibby, Jamal Crawford, Josh Smith and Al Horford.  Expect Xavier rookie Jordan Crawford to contribute big points off the bench.
Charlotte:  This team finally makes the playoffs and then unloads Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton.  They have enough scoring pieces with Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace to be competitive.  Will the young players get tired of what Larry Brown is preaching?
Washington:  The Wizards will probably go one of to ways, 1. John Wall becomes the Rookie of the Year and this team is a sleeper or 2. John Wall does not fit well with the playrs around him and the teams struggles.  Wall is the center piece to this dinner table.

Western Conference:

Oklahoma City:  The Thunder experienced the playoffs for the first time and return this years MVP Kevin Durant.  I expect this team to be hungry to get back to the playoffs and will do so by winning their division.  Russell Westbrook is an outstanding athlete that will only get better at PG.
Utah:  The Jazz still have the best PG in the Western Conference in Deron Williams and pick up free agents Al Jefferson and Raja Bell.  Plus Paul Millsap gets starter minutes to collect double-doubles.  Mehmet Okur and Kirilenko help continue the success of the Jazz.
Portland:  This team was devastated by injuries a year ago but still have the talent to compete with the best in the West.  Brandon Roy will have to bounce back from knee surgery.  They also need continued production from LaMarcus Aldridge.  Will the Blazers finally get something out of Greg Oden?
Denver:  The Nuggets are an interesting team obviously their season hinges on Carmelo staying or going.  If Melo stays this teams has the pieces to make it back to the playoffs without him they are just an average team without an elite scorer.
Minnesota:  The TWolves are young and they are going to struggle.  They have an excellent low post player Kevin Love and a rookie that is ready to play in Wesley Johnson other than that your guess is as good as mine.


LA Lakers:  The Lakers seems to get stronger every season.  They add Steve Blake to help spell minutes for Derrick Fisher.  Obviously they still have the best player in the game in Kobe Bryant.  This team will coast through the season lose some games they should not! But they want titles and with Odom, Artest, Bynum and Gasol they should be in line for another ring.

Phoenix:  As long as Steve Nash is running the point the Suns will be just fine.  They have enough scorers will Nash, Hill, Richardson and newcomer Hedo Turkoglu to out score most opponents.  The Suns will be very small up front with the loss of Amare.
LA Clippers:  Could this be the year the Clippers make it back to the playoffs?  I feel like we say that every season!  The Clippers welcome back Blake Griffin after surgery and will expect big minutes and even bigger numbers.  The health and attitude of Baron Davis could be the difference for this young team.
 Sacremento:  The Kings will be powered by Tyreke Evans who will only continue to get better and better.  They will have imposing front line with DeMarcus Cousins and Samuel Dalembert.  The Kings need to find scoring to help Evans.
Golden State:  The Warriors removed Don Nelson which was probably in the best interest of the team.  On the court the reigns will go to Steph Curry which should get more air time for his talents. The team brought in David Lee and will need more production out of Montae Ellis to be competitive.


Dallas: I fully expect the Mavs to do what they do best and that is win in the regular season.  Dirk comes back to lead the Mavs and hopefully avoid an early exit in the playoffs.

Houston:  The depth of the Rockets will be the strength of their teams.  Will Yao be healthy for a full season?  If so this team could make a run at this division.  They have an elite scorers in Kevin Martin and Aaron Brooks and good depth up front with Scola and Miller.
San Antonio:  The Spurs window for titles continues to shrink as their own big 3 are not getting any younger.  They will need to keep Duncan, Ginobli and Parker healthy for a playoff run.  I expect for Richard Jefferson to have a better second season for the Spurs off the bench.
Memphis:  If nothing else this will be an entertaining team to watch throughout the season.  They have the scoring to play with anyone but can they play defense?  Rudy Gay, Zach Randolph, O.J. Mayo among others can score the rock at any time.
New Orleans:  The Hornets window has passed them by as Chris Paul is disgruntled and Stojackovic continues to be injured.  They still have a solid inside player in David West.